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Customized Bridal Alterations

Tracy (Ellis) Nuttle of Tracy's Creations Custom Specialty Alterations in Fenton, continues to delight brides and mothers of the brides with her exemplary sewing skills and design talents to custom create the perfect gown for the perfect day! 

While Tracy has the 30+ years of experience to custom create from sketch to finished gown, she prefers to begin with your gown already purchased and make design modifications for the best fit and custom design additions in the interest of time and economy. 

Considering wearing Mom's dress? Lets.'s personalize the fit and modify the style to make it current to todays trends! 

We do bridal gown and veil bustles!

Mothers and Bridesmaids too!

Wedding Gown Preservation Services

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Call or text for fastest response to schedule your own personalized appointment as soon as you can.

Please allow time to get on the up coming work schedule WEEKS before we actually need to start fittings or I am not be able to fit your alterations in! There are only so many appointment times available in a season! 

Consultations are recommended, any fees will be applied toward scheduled alterations. 

Tracy's Creations Custom Specialty Alterations

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Design Work


Got a great idea you want to incorporate into your wedding gown? Let's sketch out some possibilities and see if we 

can bring your vision to life! 

Design work should begin 12 to 16 weeks 

ahead of the wear date. 

Basic Gown "Personalizing"


It is very RARE to have the perfect gown fit the bride EXACTLY perfect direct from the manufacturer. 

Let me shape the dress to your unique shape! 

You get it close and I will do the rest. 

Common gown alteration work should begin 8 weeks before the wear date. 

Mom's and Wedding Party


Alterations are available for all the other women 

in your wedding party too! Hems, body personalizing, 

and minor modifications can begin as early as 12 weeks ahead of the wear date. 

Need me to come to you? Mobile service available


For a fee, I can come to you if the situation requires. I also so have a casual setting in Lake Orion that can be used in a pinch for consultations or small fittings if travel is a challenge. 

What will this cost? What can I expect?


Basic bridal alterations typically run from $200 to $500 ON AVERAGE, but each gown, each body and each situation can be quite different. Lets consult and get a estimate for you so you can choose wisely according to your budget. Deposits are expected. 

Rave Reviews from Previous Clients



If you are highly satisfied with our work, we encourage you to share your experience and a wedding day photo of the dress so we can can share in the moment with you! 

Custom Reconstruction - Heirloom gowns reNEWed!

Something borrowed - something NEW!

One of our favorite things to do here at Tracy's Creations, is to "create something unique and one of a kind as YOU are!" Sometimes our wedding traditions of today "borrow" from the past... and why not?! Sentimental, historic, romantic, economical or just love 'Classic Style' you can absolutely bring the re-purposed gown into current trends!

At Tracy's Creations, our mission is to customize your garment for your most special day to meet your special needs, size or style! We bring life to  that little girl vision of wearing mom's wedding dress while making it big girl perfect!

Kayla Turner and her mother, Alicia, contacted us for a consultation to see what design options were available to transform her mother's dress from the 1996 to 2018 December nuptials. We  love a design challenge! As a creative dream team, we puzzled through the possibilities; what they liked, what they didn't; what limits there were to the original and how could we bring the beautiful and timeless artistry of satin, lace and beads into current trendiness....

We first removed the puff sleeves and used the appliques to create a new fitted 3/4 sleeve with no puff. The neck and shoulder treatment were adjusted, opening up the existing bodice sheer, moving the appliques at the neck, opening up the neck and front bodice in a way that is very current to designer gowns today! All the while leaving the traditional bridal buttons and sheer to the waist back bodice and dropped waist of the original design, which they both still loved!

Spots left on the satin, required.... something. But the trim and amazing lace border that V'ed into the back dress train were too stunning to do away with! Kayla had seen current dresses that had light sheer fabric that was flow'y and wondered if it was possible to add an overlaid skirt that would obscure the spots but allow that pretty trim to show through. The resulting overlay is STUNNING times two! 

See pictures of Kayla's final custom designed heirloom in the GALLERY SECTION of this website.

Thank you Kayla for the challenge accepted and met with very satisfying results! 

Classic 1990's white satin, beaded lace, BIG skirts and sleeves! 
Alicia and Gary Turner, Jan. 1996.

Classic 1990's white satin, beaded lace, BIG skirts and sleeves! Alicia and Gary Turner, Jan. 1996.

We are so very GRATEFUL!

To all of the wonderful brides and families that have become FRIENDS who have made this life dream possible! Here are a few images of my work, with the very real hope to FILL this sections with smiling, twirling, happy brides!